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song, and i think based on how brilliant you are, i think you could have done a much better song. but it would be criminal if you were to leave the competition tomorrow. >> thank you. >> britney: i thought your vocals were amazing, and you did a great, great job. >> thank you. >> khloe: i agree. >> mario: fantastic. remember, you can download all of tonight's music at >> khloe: and here's the final performance of the night. it's the last of the groups. here's simon cowell. >> simon: be very worried, guys, because here comes emblem3. >> this is our opportunity to make music happen very quickly and on a big level. >> better than being a waiter. >> we are emblem3.
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>> this is not anything that we are used to. >> being in the top 16 feels amazing. >> live life to the fullest. skate, surf. but music is by far the most important things in our lives. >> it can be tricky trying to stay focused. >> we don't want to let simon down. we want to give him a really great performance. >> simon: you are like three excited dogs the way you perform. as much fun as it is being in the house, it is about rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. this is so important for your careers, you know. >> one in a million to get this far, and we're here to work. we're here to dedicate our lives to this. this is definitely not the last time you're going to see emblem3. ♪ sometimes i lay under the moon ♪
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♪ and thank god i'm breathing ♪ and then i pray don't take me soon ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm here for a reason ♪ sometimes in my tears i drown ♪ ♪ i don't ever let it get me down ♪ ♪ and when negativity surrounds ♪ ♪ i know some day that we'll all turn around ♪ ♪ because all my life i've been waiting for ♪ ♪ i've been praying for ♪ for the people to say ♪ that we don't want to fight no more ♪ ♪ they'll be no more wars ♪ and our children will play ♪ one day ♪ one day ♪ one day ♪ one day ♪ one day ♪ one day ♪ one day one day this will all change ♪ ♪ treat people the same ♪ stop the violence
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♪ down with the hate ♪ sometimes in my tears i drown ♪ ♪ i don't ever let it get me down ♪ ♪ and when negativity surrounds ♪ ♪ i know some day it will all turn around ♪ ♪ because all my life i've been waiting for ♪ ♪ i've been praying for ♪ for the people to say ♪ that we don't wanna fight no more ♪ ♪ and there'll be no more wars ♪ and our children will play ♪ one day ♪ one day ♪ one day ♪ one day ♪ one day ♪ one day ♪ one day ♪ one day ♪ one day ♪ one day [cheers and applause] >> emblem3. >> l.a.: okay. this is difficult.
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you got it right this time. >> thank you so much. >> l.a.: that is unbelievable. i think we are just witnessing america's next pop sensations. >> thank you so much. >> britney: your trio is amazing. you're absolutely adorable. >> thank you. >> britney: you guys were amazing. >> demi: you boys make me swoon. i swear, i can't stop -- hold on. can i finish? can i talk? can i please talk? i can't look you in the eye when you sing to me because i'm supposed to be a judge and not, you know, flirting with you while you sing. so i'm not going to look at you.
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>> i knew it. >> but i love you boys. you're so talented, and i'm not going to look at you. >> thank you. >> simon: you know what, guys, very first time i saw you, i really liked you. so what's really impressed me, and we had a conversation a few weeks ago, which is about commitment, working hard. the difference in you over the last two or four weeks is unbelievable. and i want to say this, because i really believe this. for anyone watching this band for the first time, remember this night, because you are seeing a future superstar here. >> thank you. >> mario: great comments. good luck, guys. tomorrow, it is the biggest night of the season so far. eight acts will be made safe. eight acts will sing for survival. four of them will be going home. there is no public vote. the judges will make the tough
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decision tonight. >> khloe: yes, that is right. and it's going to be intense for the judges, for the contestants, for everybody. for me. it's going to be tough. >> mario: a big thanks to mr. l.a. reid, demi lovato, britney spears, and simon cowell. simon, a couple words really quick. how was tonight? what did you think? >> simon: you know what? we've seen -- there were three or four incredible performances tonight. and i'm seeing some future recording stars. i'm very happy. >> mario: thank you, simon. we're back tomorro night 8:00, 7:00 central for the crucial results. good night, everyone. have a great evening.
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the giants and halloween. two big parties all rolled into one day. tonight, san francisco is still celebrating. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. it is halloween night, but the rain is falling in parts of the bay area. that seems to be limiting the number of costumed characters. amber lee is live in san francisco's castro. no lack of halloween spirit. >> the castro has a reputation for knowing how to party. especially on halloween. take a look at this one one next to me. this year, things are different. maybe because it's in the middle of the week, and there's rain, or the celebration of the
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giants earlier today, but tonight, we've seen fewer people than in the past. >> princess of austerity. >> it's coming at you, live. >> reporter: jane describes himself as an avid giant's fan, and his costume is a tribute to center fielder, angel pagan. the pants are for another player, pablo sandoval. >> my dog has bears. >> reporter: even his pig mask has an orange ting. >> to celebrate the giants. >> reporter: no street closures, but police did put up barricades at the intersection of market and castro. revelers definitely braved the rain. fewer people, there is no
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shortage of color and creativity. >> i'm a televangelist. i'm here to perform miracles. just send me your money. i will save you. >> my name is the morning after ferry. >> reporter: others told us this is their first castro halloween. >> i'm actually from san diego. moved to the bay area, and this is where it's at. >> reporter: one man performed the gangnam style dance. at this hour, the mood remains festive despite the small turn out. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. new video tonight of an accident in santa rosa. the children were in a crosswalk with their parents when they were struck by a vehicle. it happened about 7:30 on north dutten avenue near west 8th street. police tell us the 10-year-old
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boy, and 4-year-old girl were transported to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the driver stopped, and is cooperating with authorities. a steady rain also fell on san francisco tonight. which areas are being hit hardest, and what to expect tomorrow in 9 minutes. halloween in san francisco paled in comparison to the massive celebration of the world series champion san francisco giants today. more than a million spectatorred turned out. even though this is the giant's second world series title in three years, no one is getting tired of it. the giants players were today's star attraction. rita williams tells us the team and its fans all shared in some priceless moments. >> reporter: a mass of humanity
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crowded into civic center plaza just to see, and hear their heros. >> the manager of the world champion giants, bruce bochy. >> reporter: one by one, the players took the stage and felt the love. >> sergio romo. >> reporter: san francisco's mayor gave the team the key to the city, but something new. >> the broom to the city. the giants, the best ever! >> reporter: the costumed fans knew it wasn't because of halloween. they put two 30-foot screens on top of city hall for people to see the action. some folks couldn't even see the screens. >> can you see anything? >> not really. the vibe here is good, so that's all i need. >> we are all world series champions here. wearing orange and black in san
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francisco. and that's what's up. >> we want all of you to join in to a little something we did in the dugout. we're going to slow you about the slow clap. >> reporter: that pumped them up enough to accomplish the seemingly impossible this year. ♪ [ music ] the end of a championship season and time to dream of the next one. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. along with the serious fun, there was some silly fun as the giants mascot lucille got into the swing of things with an international pop song. ♪ [ music ] >> infectious rhythms of gangnam style helped energize the crowd. it was certainly a far cry from
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the closing number. tony bennett's rendition of the official anthem of the city, i left my heart in san francisco. romo didn't talk about it districtly, but did applaud the diversity in the bay area. romo was born to immigrant parents near the mexican border. the maker of that t-shirt says they've only sold 40 in the past two years. but now orders are flooding in. if you missed the parade today, you likely won't find any sign of it on san francisco streets tomorrow morning. city crews armwide blowers, six sweeper trucks, four steamer trucks and a lot of brooms made quick work of parade cleanup. they say there were 3,000 pounds of confetti this year. ten times the amount in the 2010 world series parade. >> we had more plastic stringy confetti, which is much, much
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harder for our machines to clean up. >> we learned today's confetti was biodegradable, and came in even pieces which was easier to pick up. a bit later, a first hand account from a man who had a front row seat. you can go to for more on the giants celebration. bart has set a new record. late tonight, we learned from bart officials, the transit system had its highest daily ridership ever today. by 8:00 tonight, it had carried 538,000 riders, eclipsing the previous record set during the giants 2010 victory parade. for the most part things ran smoothly. in addition, caltrain says its ridership more than doubled compared to a normal commute. tonight, a big break in the case of a muni bus that was vandalized, then torched last sunday. but police say they still need
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your help. just as the giants celebration was ending, two people were shot just blocks away in the tenderloin. it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon. police say one victim was shot in the head. and suffered a life-threatening injury. the second person was treated, and released. police say it appears the shooting is gang related. they say the victims are gang members from union city and may have run into rival gang members when they were shot. new video now of a deadly shooting at an east oakland business. happened about 7:30 tonight inside the marcus cellular ups store. a man at the scene told us the victim is his father, and was the owner of the store. he said he had run the business for years. police aren't commenting, the victim's son said officers are not yet told him if the shooting was part of a robbery. police in pleasanton today released the name of a woman found stuffed inside a trash can. they also announced an arrest
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in the case. javier sandoval is in custody tonight. police say he and the victim, anna panetta were in a relationship. her decomposed remains were found inside a trash can on may 24. stockton police say she was reported missing in june. now to our continuing coverage of superstorm sandy. the extent of the damage became clearer today. the jersey shore seemed to take the worst of it. beach towns such as seaside heights are devastated today. the death toll has climbed to 74 in the u.s. there are fears that number could go higher. president obama got an up close look today at the devastation. he toured the jersey shore with republican governor chris christie. reporter kraig boswell joins us live to talk about the long road ahead, and the problems that remain. >> reporter: julie, good
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evening to you. president obama, governor christy landed just to our north here. we're in north atlantic city along the boardwalk here. the northern part of the boardwalk that is no longer there. the president said help is on the way. they will not rest until everyone has rebuilt. words, optimistic words that people here really needed to hear so they can figure out what to do next. >> catastrophe, it's going to take a long time to recover from it. >> reporter: in some areas, people are able to begin cleaning up. crews are pumping water out of flooded dwellings, and residents are throwing out possessions ruined by the storm. >> i grew up around here, never saw anything like this before. >> reporter: a total of 6 million people are still without power. limited transportation services are causing more headaches for those trying to get back to work. traffic in and out of the city is heavy, with most trains still down. the mayor placing limits on
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tunnels and brings. >> you have to have three people in the car. i know it is an inconvenience for a lot of people. but the bottom line is the streets can only handle so much. >> reporter: national guard troops are coming to the aid of more than 20,000 people still stranded in hoboken, where flood water beginning to mix with raw sewage. >> it smells terrible down there. >> reporter: president obama visited the shore area today, and pledged support to help people recovering from the storm. >> my commitment to people in on this block, the people in this community, and the people in this state is that that same spirit will continue over all the way until our work is done. >> reporter: president obama says they will likely he's c- 17s, some navy assets, helicopters to move in water filtration systems. that's going to be key as they need clean water, they're under a boil water advisory here. the first thing they have to
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do is get the power back on. in new jersey alone, there's some 2 million people without power. ktvu, channel 2 news. flights to the new york area are slowly resuming after nearly 20,000 cancelations over the past few days. the situation will get even better tomorrow in laguardia reopens with limited service. it's been closed because the runways were flooded. both jfk and newark international in new jersey resumed some flights today. here in the bay area, sfo reported 39 flights to and from the east coast were canceled today. one jetblue flight out of san jose, and another out of oakland were canceled. a bay area woman says goodbye this halloween. the help she's going to provide in new york and how you can help here. much of manhattan remains without power. but wall street is back in business thanks to generators.
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the new york mayor michael bloomberg range the opening bell at the stock exchange. bloomberg said we opening the markets is good for the city and the country. he said it is time for everyone to get back to work. both the dow, and nasdaq closed slightly lower. dropping 10 points a piece. some had feared volatility after the two day closure, but that didn't happen. ♪ [ music ] the rain came down for many during the trick or treat festivities. right now, we've got rain throughout much of the bay area. still focused on the central part of the pay. san jose, and towards livermore, you remain dry. there's good news. scattered showers, heaviest rain so far has been in the north bay, where we've seen about an inch of rain. everybody else, a quarter of an inch. some areas about a half inch. some areas about a tenth of an inch. showers at 2:00 a.m., still moving through the bay area, we'll take a peek at the morning commute. 7:00a.m., still light showers.
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when i come back at 10:45, we'll roll this model through your entire day, and take a look at the commute. the five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. i'll see you back here. as many as 3200 registered nurses are sed to hold a one day walkout tomorrow. the hospital's targeted tomorrow are eden in castro valley, sutter is a loano in vallejo. alta bay summit, and sutter in antioch. it's the sixth strike in the past year. hospital management says it will have replacement nurses to cover for the nurses who walk out. a northern california man vs. a great white shark. >> came up from underneath me, and pulled me in the water. >> the move that freed him from the shark's jaws. >> new moves to eradicate bedbugs from san francisco
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motels. what the city is doing to eradicate the pests.
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some incredible new details tonight about a shark attack off the coast of eureka. for the first time, we're hearing from the young surfer who was attacked, and pulled under water, and what he did to get the shark to go.
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>> reporter: it was near this very spot where surfers could be seen riding the waves today where it happened. >> i was very fortunate to be here and able to tell my story. >> reporter: scott stevens story started yesterday morning along the eureka coast. >> it happened very quick. a shark picked up from underneath me, and pretty much grabbed onto my side. >> reporter: the shark made a mark on his surfboard, and left a 14-inch bite wound in his side. >> i opened my eyes underwater and punched the shark on the side of the head several times until it released me. >> reporter: he was losing blood fast. it is understandable, there are very few people surfing at this spot today. yesterday, it was busy out here
10:25 pm
on the beach. three fellow surfers came to steven's aid, they drove him to the hospital. one rescuer laid on top of his wound. >> made a huge difference. i'm sure he would have lost several more units of blood. >> reporter: only muscle tissue, and skin were damage the from the bite, steven says was from a juvenile great white shark. >> it's part of surfing. no way going to keep my from surfing again. >> reporter: but he'll have to take a break for at least a few weeks. in eureka, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now, counting 100 shark attacks on humans since the 1930s. of them, 13 have been fatal. about 65 shark attacks around the world every year, and on average, two or three of them are deadly. the contra costa county sheriff's office identified the
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inmate who died after being tased at the county jail. a sheriff's spokesman says he was tased, taken to a safety cell, and checked by a medical staff. he was pronounced dead. investigators say 25-year- old gonsario villo lobos was shot. the raleys supermarket chain and the union are set to meet with a negotiator tomorrow. the hope here is to avoid a strike. the west sacramento grocery store chain says it is losing money, so the company wants to freeze employee pay for two years, and eliminate premium pay on sundays.
10:27 pm
the union has already voted to approve a streak. if a deal is not reached tomorrow, workers will walk off the job. there are over 130 raley's markets here in the bay area. a south bay principal on trial. how her attorney plans to defend accusations she failed to report possible child molestation. >> reporter: the new photos from a bay area woman that she took from one of the hardest hit areas. >> first, they turned a celebration into a dangerous crime. the search for two men who torched the muni bus after sunday's big giants win. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools.
10:28 pm
prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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san francisco police are asking for the public's help tonight in identifying two people who set fire to a muni bus. it happened sunday night during the celebration that followed the giant's world series sweep.
10:30 pm
paul chambers is live now in the city to tell us about a photo that has already led to one arrest. >> reporter: i will tell you, the sketches and a couple of businesses across the street still have graffiti on them today. the city has made arrests, but they still need your help getting the rest of the people off the streets. police say granite is seen here smashing the window of a muni bus, was arrested at a hotel in san francisco, where he confessed to the crime. police need your help identifying two more men. >> any information anybody can give us to below these suspects are, that would be so reckless as to light a bus on fire. >> reporter: police released these photos of the suspects. investigators know the images are hard to make out. here's video we first showed you last night of the men setting fire to the muni bus,
10:31 pm
that we're told is worth $1 million. >> we will identify you, we will arrest you, we will prosecute you, and you're going to pay for it. >> reporter: in all, police made 36 arrests after the game. he applauds police for their work thus far, but says it is not work. >> they should be arresting more people than those 35, or 36. they should have arrested at least 50 people, there was so much destruction. >> reporter: there were more arrests in connection with the giant's celebration. today, police arrested 50. there were a million people out there. their charges range from public drunkenness, to having a loaded firearm. the chile of -- trial of a san jose elementary principal began today after she failed to report possible child
10:32 pm
molestation. she was required to tell police after a student told her a teacher had touched her inappropriately. >> duty is to report, not to investigate. once she has a reasonable suspicion somethings that occurred, she needs to contact law enforcement, and let them do their job. >> reporter: the attorney says the principal was fooled by a teacher she trusted. the trial is set to continue tomorrow. if convicted, she faces up to 6 months in jail. a long time oak city -- oakland city council member is call -- claiming he illegally used the city computer and fax to set up this event back in july. that's when he announced he would run for an at large council seat. the use of city resources could violate state law.
10:33 pm
the ethics commission tells ktvu it has yet to determine if it will move forward with an investigation. back now to our continuing coverage of the aftermath of that storm back east. at this hour, more bay area volunteers are headed out to help. ktvu's maureen naylor is live at mineta san jose international airport, and tells us, just getting back east is the first challenge. >> reporter: right now, a red cross volunteer is on a plane here, set to take off for the east coast, less than 10 minutes from now. we also have photos from a bay area woman in the hardest hit area. with a parting hug this halloween night, this 30-year- old from san jose is headed somewhere where the holiday is on hold after a real fright. >> a lot of people who are really devastated by what's happened, and don't know what to do, they're going to be looking for help. >> reporter: with some flights canceled, she plans to fly to philadelphia, and drive to new york. >> i was looking at google maps earlier, trying to plot my
10:34 pm
route up i-95, and some of the bridges are closed, and google has no better suggestions. >> reporter: virginia hart from richmond is in atlantic city, and sent us these photos she took today of roads and beaches littered with debris. >> for the most part, it's just piers sticking up from the sand. >> reporter: more than 300 blood drives in 13 states have been canceled. now they're 11,000 points of blood short. in the bay area, people have come to help, but donations up about 25%. >> i like the feeling that i'm contributing something to help someone, or a cause. >> reporter: platelets are also needed, which this financial planner started donating after hurricane katrina. >> they're always asking for donors, and platelets is one level up. i wanted to definitely give back. >> reporter: that volunteer on the east coast says she met
10:35 pm
this woman of this picture in atlantic who rode out the storm with her four children and says if she's ever asked to leave again, she will. maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. republican nominee for president, mitt romney returned to campaigning today after suspending it for two days due to the deadly storm back east. >> we come with full hearts today, excited about the prospects ahead. we also have heavy hearts given the number of people below are in a time of great difficulty given the hurricane that has struck the mid-atlantic states of our country. >> at stops in florida, romney shied away from harsh criticism of president obama, because of the gravity of the storm and destruction. but the campaign kept up the attack with radio and television ads in swing states. more californians than ever before are eligible to vote.
10:36 pm
18million total. about 1.4 million new voters have registered. about half of them have done it online. the new voters are younger, and more liberal than the general voting population. bedbugs, they are a travelers' nightmare. what you can do to protect yourself. >> i'm back here in just 10 minutes. showing rain now just moving into the south bay. how long does it last, how does it impact your commute, and a five-day forecast. >> first, halloween in the east bay, we will take you to one neighborhood where rain didn't dampen the search for treats tonight.
10:37 pm
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costumed kids on the streets tonight, gobbling up
10:39 pm
treats. there were some great costumesk and also some scary sights. >> reporter: this rain started fortunately after most of the trick or treaters had gone home. if the sugar high isn't keeping them awake tonight, they're probably sleeping with one eye open after seeing all of these halloween ghosts. the recipe for halloween is a healthy serving of creepy. >> happy halloween. >> reporter: a dash of cute, and a sprinkle of sassy. >> honey boo boo, i win all the awards. >> reporter: like an all hallows disneyland. >> favorite holiday. >> reporter: trick or treaters come here for haunted house thrills. how many children have you scared tonight? >> multiple. >> reporter: they also pack the neighborhood for the seemingly
10:40 pm
bottomless candy. >> one year i had 22 bags and i ran out. >> reporter: fortunately, the rain held off most of the day. >> happy halloween. which one do you want? >> reporter: long enough to let the lions, tigers, and bears roam free. along with the entire cast of alice in wonderland. where can you get the makings for a mad hatter mobile? >> we went to a flee market, and flee markets rock. >> reporter: the only thing cuter, i mean, scarier than a monster on halloween is a tiger fest. may they rest in peace. >> what if it had said tigers? >> they get nothing. happy championship. >> reporter: and that is the reason why i won't be sleeping tonight. reporting live in walnut creek, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2
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news. shares of netflix stock jumped almost 14% after carl icon bought shares of the company today. in other market news, facebook stock fell during a day of heavy trading after restrictions expired on about 234 million shares held by employees. facebook fell 83 cents. on november 14, restrictions on other shares are set to expire. how to protect yourself from bedbugs. >> and later, a giant celebration. we will take you to the parade many fans say they will never forget. >> plus, chief meteorologist
10:42 pm
bill martin monitoring rain right now on stormtracker 2. he's back with your complete bay area forecast.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
you've likely heard the saying, sleep tight, don't let the bud bugs bite. san francisco has some of the strictest rules in the nation
10:45 pm
to protect people from bedbugs. but infestations do not discriminate. the simple precautions you can take. >> reporter: it's the kind of souvenir tourists and business travelers don't want to take home. >> we saw it in our pillows. >> reporter: they are bedbugs. tourists in san francisco's union square showed us bites on their bodies. >> what do you think should be done so it doesn't happen to anybody else? >> i don't know, it's very hard to kill them. >> reporter: a secret that any hotel operator knows. any traveler can meet up with bedbugs. on a train, on a plane, even in a movie theater. >> a lot of peoples people are traumatized. i have people crying. you have to reassure them it's not your fault. >> reporter: tourist hotels
10:46 pm
tend to handle infestation on their own. the bedbug registry, is encouraging hotel operators to speak out online about their efforts to stop the problem. >> people react differently to this pest. we cannot look at a bite and say whether or not it's a bedbug. >> reporter: the problem seems to be getting worse. >> pest operators, as a business have been treating bedbugs at a much greater number and percentage than they have 10 years ago. >> reporter: adult bedbugs can usually be spotted with the naked eye, but not always. >> the thickness of a credit card is all you need a bedbug to hide in. >> reporter: even he has missed them in his hotel room, and brought them back home. pest control experts say you should take few chances when you check in. he doesn't use the hotel room closet, or the luggage rack. he keeps his baggage, and belongings on the floor, in the
10:47 pm
middle of the room, away from bedbug hiding places. he inspects the box spring, the bed skirt, even the head board, places, he says they can hide without disturbance, until they're ready to strike. >> reporter: combating the critters is a daily job for joseph. we followed him in a single resident occupancy hotel. he pointed out a heavy bedbug infestation. san francisco on july 1 implemented some of the nation's toughest bedbug regularrations. landlords must pay for a licensed company. >> bedbugs don't care about the thread count on the sheets, and they don't care about your bank account. you are a warm meal. that's all they care about. >> and this makes it, legislation passed unanimously
10:48 pm
at the board of supervisors, thank you. >> reporter: new legislation would require san francisco health inspectors to conduct an independent inspection. >> i believe there's maybe one city that looks better than us on paper, which is new york city. but truthfully, they don't have enough inspectors to go to all of their housing stock either. >> reporter: which means for now, these little blood suckers could be an unwelcome surprise under any mattress. and at, you will find a link to the bedbug registry, and other resources. look for the story on the special reports tab. ♪ [ music ] we're getting the showers out there, now spreading into the south bay. we're coming a little closer, and we'll stop it up for you with the live radar sweep. you can see the showers now, just showing up in the san jose area. they've been doing okay tonight. san jose, and livermore staying
10:49 pm
pretty dry on this halloween outing time. fremont as well. a few showers coming. i mentioned this earlier in the 5, and 6:00 broadcast. facebook and twitter is great for weather. we can ask people, who's got rain. in pleasanton, light rain at pleasant hill. we talked to april in san mateo, sprinkles at san mateo at 10:00. about 10:00 p.m., rain on and off. showers showing up not that heavy. most areas in the north bay, it really was a north bay event. a quarter inch to a half inch. for the rest of us, a tenth of an inch or less. there is a chance of a sprinkle tomorrow, not a big deal. the main event has gone through. this storm is not really a big deal other than it's timing. it almost hit the parade. didn't get that, but it nailed halloween for many. as we go into tonight, the
10:50 pm
showers move off. tomorrow morning, wet on the roadways, a little bit of slipperiness, and there may be a few sprinkles. a few more sprinkles around noon time tomorrow. clearing out, then boom, we stop it again and a few more sprinkles show up east. but clearing. so tomorrow, a few sprinkles. don't change your plans, should not be a deal breaker. high winds move in, they go away, the weekend warms up. so it's going to be nice. the forecast highs tomorrow warmer than today. there will be clouds tomorrow, partly cloudy, to mostly cloudy in the morning. tracking any of those stray showers that are out there, but julie, and frank, we're talking about them in the earlier broadcast, just bummer. the kids, and especially in the north bay, they got hammered up there. so like hillsberg, and warner park, i think it was a real wet halloween. but out in livermore they got
10:51 pm
away with. >> right, once they get going. >> a little soggy. thanks bill. a 6 month ban on harvesting mussels ends at midnight tonight. the quarantine typically runs from may to october. this year, it will continue. officials say mussels may still be carrying dangerous levels of toxins. commercially harvested shellfish are not included in the quarantine. the city of livermore says it will not pay a $150,000 subsidy to be a host city for next year's amgen tour of california. the tour is one of the most celebrated cycling events in the united states, attracting big names, and big crowds. at this point, the negotiations are continuing. we are staying on a little later than normal tonight
10:52 pm
because fox's x factor ran past 10:00. an incredible sight. take a look at this. the effort to get across the border that didn't go quite as planned.
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police in the north bay are investigating the death of a 4- month-old boy at a daycare facility. it happened october 23 at the magic place children center in the tara linda neighborhood. an autopsy has been performed, but no cause or manner of death has been established, and there's no word if the infant's death appears suspicious. san quentin prison is on lockdown tonight as a result of a chicken pox outbreak. at least two inmates and staffed members are confirmed to have come down with the illness. right now, all visits to the prison have been suspended.
10:55 pm
>> check out what u.s. border agents in arizona found today. it's a jeep stuck on a 14-foot tall border fence. happened about 5 miles west of the colorado river on the arizona state line. the suspected smugglers didn't quite have the hang of using the ramps to get the jeep cherokee up and over the feds. they got away, and took whatever was in the suv with them. a tropical storm slammed into the southern part forcing the evacuation of 150,000 people. officials also say an oil tanker ran aground, and at least six people have died. forecasters there are calling for two more days of rain. in saudi arabia be, a fire killed 23 women and children in a tent at a wedding. officials say the fire was started by people firing off
10:56 pm
weapons to celebrate. the code requires the separation of women and men at most events, including weddings. the pope marked the anniversary of the inauguration of the sistine chapel. the art is now considered one of the finest pieces of renaissance art in the world. an exclusive new ktvu field poll suggests outright support is slipping, both for governor brown's tax initiative, and a school measure. down from 54% in july. 38 say they will vote no. 14% are undecided. the poll shows support for molly munger's alternative tax measure, prop 38 stands at 34%. 49% say they plan to vote no.
10:57 pm
17% say they are undecided. former palo alto mayor, gary fezino died last night. he served on the palo alto city council from 1977 to 1981. he is survived by his wife and 5-year-old twins. giant fans got to revel in the world series championship. we're going to show you what it was like on market street during the parade.
10:58 pm
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